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Therapies / Patients

• Premature infants, newborns, babies with sucking, swallowing
   or drinking problems

• Children fed by tube

• Children with delayed psychomotor and sensory-motor

• Children with intellectual disabilities

• Children with cerebral palsy, peripheral paresis, facial paresis

• Children with spina bifida

• Children with genetic syndromes, such as Down?s syndrome

• Children with fetal alcohol syndrome

• Children with lip, jaw or palatal clefts

• Children with development disorders and specific learning

• Children with ADHD

• Children with autism

• Children with dysphagia/dysphonia

• Patients with speaking, speech, vocal and dysphagic disorders

• Adults with cerebral paresis, muscular diseases (ALS, MS,
   Parkinson), stroke, tumor resections in the orofacial
   sector, and post-skull/brain trauma, -coma, and -vegetative
   state patients

• Patients with craniomandibular dysfunctions

• Support of orthodontic and dental treatments

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